Impulsive Habitat invited four artists to work around the notion of space and architecture to develop installation pieces that will be presented between February 9th and 14th. For further details about dates follow this link.



Variation at 21
Ryoko Akama


Footprints Precede You
Jorge Boehringer
A situated object describes the history and circumstances of its situation within a particular place and at a particular time. Is it fiction? Are you real? What is this place?


Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 10.35.52 AMScreen Shot 2019-02-14 at 10.53.17 AM

Weighing an Object’s Sound
Colin Frank
Weighing an Object’s Sound is a collection of objects and instructions. Though the objects can be viewed as Duchamp-style readymades their full potential requires uncovering through interaction. My scores, notations, and instructions encourage you, the audience, to perform them. I encourage you to explore and question these objects; performing for yourself, the room, or others sharing the space. This installation attempts to convey my daily artistic practice as a percussionist. As a percussionist I have no fixed instrument, instead constantly mutating reflexively to items encountered. The physical effort and mental presence necessary to uncover an object’s wealth of sonic intricacies is an exciting, enrapturing, and satisfying experience I hope you too will enjoy.

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The walls have ears
David Vélez
Noisy sounds from the electric system and pipes from the building are projects through the building’s walls through mechanic vibration.